Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Michael Giacchino, Chris Tilton & Chad Seiter - Fringe (Season 1)


01. Fringe Main Title Theme (Composed by J.J. Abrams) (00:37)
02. Logan's Run (Chad Seiter)
03. The Bishop of Essex County (Michael Giacchino)
04. Transfusion Triumph (Chad Seiter)
05. Steig on the Run (Chad Seiter)
06. I See Frozen People (Michael Giacchino)
07. Waking Strife (Chad Seiter)
08. Why Can't I Be Goo? (Chad Seiter)
09. The Shocking Dead (Chad Seiter)
10. The Chess Club (Chad Seiter)
11. The Equation (Chad Seiter)
12. The Dreamscape (Chad Seiter)
13. The Light Fantastic (Chad Seiter)
14. Gurney for Your Thoughts (Chris Tilton)
15. Masters of the Multiverse (Chris Tilton)
16. Now That's Just Nicked Up (Chris Tilton)
17. Simultaneous Combustion (Chris Tilton)
18. Sanford and Shunned (Chris Tilton)
19. A Destroyed Life (Chad Seiter)
20. Keeping Up With the Jones (Chris Tilton)
21. There's More Than One of Everything (Chris Tilton)
22. Connecting the Fringe-Cidents (Chris Tilton)
23. Reiden Out the Storm (Chris Tilton)
24. All Along the Bell Towers (Chris Tilton)

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