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VA - The Sound Of The Movies; Kelly & Astaire

1940 & 1942

CD 1

For Me And My Gal (MGM 1942)

01. Main Title* - MGM Studio Orchestra
02. The Doll Shop, Part 1 - Lucille Norman and George Murphy
03. Oh, You Beautiful Doll - George Murphy
04. The Doll Shop, Part 1 continued - George Murphy and Lucille Norman
05. Don't Leave Me, Daddy - Judy Garland
06. Oh, You Beautiful Doll reprise - George Murphy
07. The Doll Shop, Part 2 - MGM Studio Orchestra
08. By The Beautiful Sea - George Murphy, Judy Garland, Ben Blue, and the MGM Studio Chorus
09. Darktown Strutter's Ball (extended version) - MGM Studio Orchestra
10. For Me And My Gal - Judy Garland and Gene Kelly
11. When You Wore A Tulip - Gene Kelly and Judy Garland
12. Don't Bite The Hand That's Feeding You - Judy Garland, with Abe Dinovitch and Maude Erickson
13. Do I Love You? - Marta Eggerth
14. After You've Gone - Judy Garland
15. The Spell Of The Waltz - Marta Eggerth and the MGM Studio Chorus
16. Love Song (extended version) - MGM Studio Orchestra
17. Tell Me reprise - Lucille Norman and The Sportsmen Male Quartet (Bill Days, Maxwell Smith, John Rarig, Thurl Ravenscroft) 18. Till We Meet Again - Lucille Norman and The King's Men (Ken Darby, Bud Linn, Jon Dodson, and Rad Robinson), The MGM Studio Chorus and Judy Garland
19. We Don't Want The Bacon, What We Want Is A Piece Of The Rhine - Ben Lessey
20. Ballin' The Jack - Judy Garland and Gene Kelly
21. The Small Time - MGM Studio Orchestra
22. What Are You Going To Do About The Boys? - Ben Blue and The King's Men
23. How 'Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm? - Judy Garland and the MGM Studio Chorus
24. There's A Long, Long Trail - The King's Men and the MGM Studio Chorus
25. Where Do We Go From Here? - Judy Garland, The King's Men, and the MGM Studio Chorus
26. Three Cheers For The Yanks (outtake) - Judy Garland, Six Hits And A Miss, and the MGM Studio Chorus
27. Smiles (extended version/outtake) - Judy Garland
28. When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again (extended version) - Judy Garland and the MGM Studio Chorus
29. Finale (For Me And My Gal reprise) - MGM Studio Chorus, Judy Garland, and Gene Kelly

CD 2

Second Chorus (Paramount 1940)

01. Second Chorus (Main Title) - Artie Shaw's Band
02. Everything's Jumpin' - Artie Shaw's Band
03. I Ain't Hep To That Step But I'll Dig It - Fred Astaire, Paulette Goddard & Chorus
04. Ivy Shuffle / Sweet Sue / Second Chorus - Orchestra
Bobby Hackett, Billy Butterfield with Orchestra, with dialogue by Fred Astaire, B. Meredith, Artie Shaw & Paulette Goddard
05. Love Of My Life - Artie Shaw's Band, vocal by Fred Astaire and dialogue by Astaire, Meredith and Goddard
06. I'm Yours / Double Mellow / Second Chorus - Billy Butterfield , Artie Shaw's Band
07. Poor Mr. Chisholm - Fred Astaire & Artie Shaw's Band
08. Concerto For Clarinet (Swing Concerto) - Artie Shaw's Band
Poor Mr. Chisholm Danced by Fred Astaire, with Artie Shaw's Band 09. Love Of My Life (Finale) / End Titles - Orchestra

You Were Never Lovelier (Columbia 1942)

10. Main Title - Orchestra
11. Chiu Chie - Xavier Cugat, Lina Romay
12. Dearly Beloved - Fred Astaire, Nan Wynn (for Rita Hayworth)
13. Tap Number - Xavier Cugat, Fred Astaire
14. I'm Old-Fashioned - Fred Astaire, Nan Wynn (for Rita Hayworth)
15. The Shorty George - Fred Astaire, Nan Wynn (for Rita Hayworth)
16. Wedding In The Spring - Lina Romay & Chorus
17. You Were Never Lovelier - Fred Astaire
18. These Orchids If You Please - Bell Boys Quartet, Xavier Cugat 19. You Were Never Lovelier / Finale - Orchestra & Chorus

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