Monday, 22 March 2010

Christopher Gordon - Mao's Last Dancer


01. Out of the Well
02. Village Life
03. Lullaby
04. Story of the Frog
05. Family
06. The Archer
07. Pas De Deux (performed by Clemens Leske, piano)
08. Turning Points
09. Giselle: Hunt And Peasant?s Dance (Burgmüller, Arr. Gordon)
10. Sirhc Nodrog's Book of Ballet Exercises for the Pianoforte in D,
B Minor, C Minor, Bb, F, C, G, E Minor, F# Minor and A (performed by Josephine Allan, piano)
11. Madam's Model Ballet
12. Becoming a Dancer
13. Free Dance
14. Dance of Longing (performed by Michael Dauth, violin)
15. Don Qixote: Pas De Deux (Minkus, Arr. Gordon)
16. Sonata in D K576: Andante (Mozart) (performed by Simon Tedeschi, piano)
17. White Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky) (performed by Natsuko Yashimoto, violin and Louise Johnson, harp)
18. Black Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky)
19. The Consulate
20. Pas De Deux (Reprise) (performed by Clemens Leske, piano)
21. Brush Dance 'Zhang Ban Qiao'
22. Break Up and Reunion (performed by Clemens Leske, piano)
23. Village Dance and Finale

* 2009 Australian Film Institute Awards Winner (Best Music Score)

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