Monday, 15 February 2010

Oliver Wallace - Lady And The Tramp


01. Main Title (Bella Notte) - The Wag of a Dog's Tail
02. Peace on Earth
03. It Has a Ribbon-Lady to Bed-A Few Mornings Later
04. Sunday-The Rat-Morning Paper
05. New Collar-Jock and Trusty-It's Jim Dear
06. What a Day! -Breakfast at Tony's
07. Warning-Breakout-Snob Hill-A Wee Bairn
08. Countdown to B-Day
09. Baby's First Morning-What Is a Baby-La la Lu
10. Going Away-Aunt Sarah
11. The Siamese Cat Song-What's Going on Down There
12. The Muzzle-Wrong Side of the Tracks
13. You Poor Kid-He's Not My Dog
14. Through the Zoo-A Log Puller
15. Footloose and Collar-Free-Bella Notte
16. It's Morning-Ever Chase Chickens-Caught
17. Home Sweet Home
18. The Pound
19. What a Dog-He's a Tramp
20. In the Doghouse-The Rat Returns-Falsely Accused-We've Got to Stop That
21. Watch the Birdie-Visitors
22. Finale (Peace on Earth)

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