Sunday, 10 January 2010

Ron Goodwin - Escape from The Dark (LP)


01. Main Title And Children's Theme
02. Miner's theme, Children At Play, And Lord Harrogate's Theme
03. Lullaby
04. Alice In Disguise And Dream Sequence
05. Alice In Tears, Suspense Theme And Children's Theme
06. Starting The Engine And Descent Into The Mine
07. Lost In The Mine And Escape From The Dark
08. Operation Pony Rescue
09. The Children Round Up The Ponies
10. Rescue Plan Foiled
11. The Miners Support The Children
12. Miners Defeated Into Disaster At The Pit
13. Search For Missing Miners
14. Requiem For Flash, The Pony, As Miners Are Rescued
15. The Village Band Marches To Tea Party
16. Village Band At The Tea Party
17. Reprise Of Main Title And End Title

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