Monday, 4 January 2010

Lalo Schifrin - Kelly's Heroes (Special Edition)


01. Behind Enemy Lines
02. Kelly's Heroes
03 Big Joe/Gold Bar/Colonel Dankhopf
04. Si Tu Me Dis (Sung By Monique Aldebert)
05. More Gold/Mulligan/A Piece Of The Action
06. Sherman Holiday Inn
07. Warriors On The Move
08. Burning Bridges (Instrumental)
09. Crapgame
10. All For The Love Of Sunshine (Sung By Hank WIlliams Jr.)
11. Close Order Drill
12. Minefield
13. Ready For The Ambush
14. All For The Love Of Sunshine (Instrumental)
15. Burning Bridges (Sung By The Mike Curb Congregation)
16. Clairmont Waltz
17. Commando Prelude, Opus I-V
18. Tiger Tank/More Tiger
19. Quick Draw Kelly
20. Covered Boxes
21. End Credits
22. Kelly's Heroes (Album Version)
23. Burning Bridges (Album Version)
24. Tiger Tank (Album Version)
25. Clairmont Waltz (Album Version)
26. Battle Hymn Of The Republic (Album Version)
27. Quick Draw Kelly (Album Version)
28. All For The Love Of Sunshine (Album Version)
29. I've Been Working On The Railroad (Album Version)
30. All For The Love Of Sunshine (Alternate Version)

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