Monday, 4 January 2010

Frank DeVol - The Frisco Kid (DVD Rip)


01. Poland 1850 (First opening titles)
02. From Poland to Philadelphia
03. Trying to help a fellow
04. Perhaps I can pay you $50
05. Paying for a seat on the wagon (I would share a cushion)
06. San Francisco receives a letter
07. Starting the travel to San Francisco
08. Attack from Mr. Jones
09. Left alone in the road (Opening titles)
10. America
11. Delirious by the fever
12. Praying in the morning
13. Again on the road (with some help from Germans)
14. A passenger flirts with the Rabbi
15. The thief leaves the train
16. Arriving at Random Station
17. Working on the railroad
18. Continuing the travel by horse
19. I just want to make you kosher
20. Fishing with a stick or a gun (Fish dinner for two)
21. Ready for the road again
22. That ... way
23. Keep my eyes on the tokhes
24. Jumping the cliff
25. If he can do it, I can do it
26. Worrying about the Rabbi
27. A nice little town (source music) (not DeVol)
28. Riding on the snow
29. I think we've found the Garden of Eden
30. We just robbed the bank!
31. Escaping from the cowboys (Bandit partners)
32. We'll ride when the sun sets
33. A long ride
34. The Indians are coming
35. Returning for the Torah
36. The Rabbi chants while captured by the Indians
37. Purification by fire
38. Indian chanting for Rain (not DeVol)
39. More Indian chanting (not DeVol)
40. Rabbi dances with joy (Everybody dance)
41. Returning the money
42. Dancing in the street (saloon music)
43. I like your piano playing (saloon music) - Frank DeVol on the piano
44. I want back my money (Saloon slugfest)
45. You're a rich man (Paid back in full)
46. You are my best friend, my only friend (Best friends)
47. Attack from Mr Jones and his friends (Bullets on the beach)
48. One of the attacks lurks in the dark (Some kind of angel)
49. On the road again
50. I didn't know that your eyes would be so brown (Where's the Rabbi?)
51. Dining at the Saloon
52. You are a Rabbi (That's what you are)
53. The Jews meet the Rabbi
54. Whiskey for everybody
55. Rabbi dances with his fiancée (Dance with a fiancée)
56. A fair fight (Diggs' challenge)
57. Would someone show him the way out of town (I'll take San Francisco)
58. Music, Maestro please (Matrimonial End Credits)
59. Closing Titles

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