Friday, 13 November 2009

Easdale & Vaughan Williams & Schurmann & Bliss - The Red Shoes; Classic British Film Music


01. Coastal Command (Prelude)
02. Coastal Command: Hebrides
03. Coastal Command: U-Boat Alert
04. Coastal Command: Taking off at Night
05. Coastal Command: Hudsons Take off from Iceland
06. Coastal Command: Dawn Patrol
07. Coastal Command: The Battle of the Beauforts
08. Coastal Command: Finale
09. Red Shoes: The Red Shoes Ballet
10. Attack on the Iron Coast/The Two-Headed Spy: Attack and Celebration
11. Conquest of the Air: The Wind
12. Conquest of the Air: The Vision of Leonardo da Vinci
13. Conquest of the Air: Stunting
14. Conquest of the Air: Over the Artic
15. Conquest of the Air: Gliding
16. Conquest of the Air: March-Conquest of the Air

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