Saturday, 24 October 2009

Zbigniew Preisner - Quarter In 4 Movements


01. Kosmoplastra Musiki (Music, Creator Of The World)
02. A Light (Une Lumiere)
03. Claire's Dance
04. Andoni's Reflections
05. Dawn (L'Aurore)
06. Nousou (Women's Language)
07. Quartet In Nafplio (Love Theme)
08. Kosmoplastra Musiki II (Music, Creator Of The World)
09. An Island (Une Ile)
10. Quartet For Alexandra
11. The Souls Of The Earth (Les Ames De La Terre)
12. Nostalgia
13. Paysage Absolu
14. Alexandra Has Left
15. Matia Palatio (Eyes Like Palaces)
16. Where The Angels Fear
17. Kosmoplastra Musiki III (Music, Creator Of The World) (Instrumental Version)
18. Souls Of The Earth (Les Ames De La Terre) (Instrumental Version)
19. Kosmoplastra Musiki IV (Music, Creator Of The World)

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