Sunday, 18 October 2009

VA - Hype!


01. K Street (Live) by Fastbacks
02. Return Of The Rat by Wipers
03. Dig It A Hole by U-Men
04. Swallow My Pride by Green River
05. Nothing To Say by Soundgarden
06. Touch Me I'm Sick (Live) by Mudhoney
07. Negative Creep by Nirvana
08. Mousetrap (Live) by Some Velvet Sidewalk
09. 5440 (Live) by Dead Moon
10. My Hometown by Girl Trouble
11. Giant Killer by Tad
12. Hotcakes (7 Inch Version) by Gas Huffer
13. Low Beat by The Young Fresh Fellows
14. I Say Fuck (Live) by The Supersuckers
15. Knot (Live) by 7 Year Bitch
16. Second Skin (Live) by The Gits
17. Julie Francavilla by Flop
18. Throwaway (Live) by Posies
19. Not For You (Live On Radio) by Pearl Jam
20. The River Rose by Mark Lanegan
21. Fire's Coming Down by Pigeonhed
22. Just Say by Fastbacks

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