Thursday, 10 September 2009

VA - Alfred Hitchcock; Music From His Films


01. The Wild Ride (North by Northwest)
02. Conversation Piece (North by Northwest)
03. Prelude (Rebecca)
04. No One Can Like the Drummer Man (Young and Innocent)
05. Erica at the Mill (Young and Innocent)
06. The Rooftop Chase (Vertigo)
07. Scène D'Amour (Vertigo)
08. Prologue/Duet for Four Feet (Strangers on a Train)
09. Guy Goes To The Anthony Mansion (Strangers on a Train)
10. Main Title (Suspicion)
11. The Murder (Psycho)
12. Marion And Sam (Psycho)
13. Patrol Car (Psycho)
14. Main Titles/Prologue (Blackmail)
15. Concerto Prelude (Spellbound)
16. The Chase On The Moor (The 39 Steps)
17. Love Theme (The 39 Steps)
18. Manny In His Cell (The Wrong Man)
19. Prelude (Marnie)
20. Delayed On The Bus (Sabotage)
21. Alex In The Wine Cellar (Notorious)
22. Finale (Family Plot)
23. Bernard Herrmann speaks on film music (early 1970's)

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