Friday, 11 September 2009

Alfred Newman - Camelot (Complete Score)


CD 1
01. Overture and Main Title
02. Think back- I wonder what the King is doing tonight
03. Gueneveres retinue- The simple joys of Maidenhoop- Oh Genevieve
04. Camelot
05. The story of Excalibur
06. Camelot reprise and Wedding ceremony
07. The round table is Born- Camelot March- Cest Moi
08. Lance meets Arthur
09. The lusty month of May
10. Take me to the Fair
11. How to handle a Woman
12. Arise my love- The joust
13. The Miracle
14. Dawning of love
15. Finale Act One

CD 2
01. Intermission Music
02. Lancelots Honour
03. Secret meeting- If ever I would Leave You
04. Mordred arrives
05. What do the simple folk do- Dance of Death- Follow me- Merlins returns
06. I loved you once in silence
07. Lance escapes- Gueneveve
08. Guenevers is rescued
09. Farewell to Jenny
10. Camelot finale
11. Exit Music

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