Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Toshiro Mayuzumi - Tokyo Olympiad


01. Aftermath Of The Bomb
02. Tokyo Panorama
03. Tokyo By Night
04. Before The Games
05. Freedom Of Motion
06. Weight Lifter
07. Fencing
08. Sailing On The Wind
09. Boxing
10. Wrestling
11. Swimming Lessons
12. Judo
13. Athletic Games
14. Pole Vaulting
15. Marathon
16. Final Games
17. Sad Defeat
18. Victory March
19. Olympic Finale

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Matsunaga said...

Hi! I'm Tymoteusz and I came from Poland. I'm deeply interested in this soundtrack by Mayuzumi Toshiro for Ichikawa's Tokyo Orimpikku from such a long time - to be frankly - I'm looking for it since last year. I'll be very grateful, if you would give me some hints, where can I get it. Such oportunity after my intensvie, but uneffective, search is like a gift form me. Please, answer me anytime. Best wishes.