Friday, 21 August 2009

Alfred Newman - The Hurricane


01. Main Title-The Moon Of Manakoora
02. Aloha Oe-The Island Of Manakoora-Steal Canoe
03. The Katapua Ship-Terangi & Marama-The Moon Of Manakoora-Aloha Oe-Germaine & Eugene
04. Terangi & Marama Christian Marriage
05. Terangi & Marama Native Marriage
06. The Luau
07. Terangi & Marama Honeymoon-The Moon Of Manakoora
08. Marama's Dream-Aloha Oe-Katapua Leaves Manakoora-The Moon Of Manakoora
09. I Can't Give You Anything But Love-Marama's Doll
10. Terangi's Prison-Trying To Escape-Punishment-Bad News To Manakoora
11. Marama's Sadness-Torture And More Punishment In The Prison
12. Terangi Escapes From The Prison
13. Terangi Escapes From The Guards
14. Germaine & Eugene Listens Celebration-Celebration Of Terangi's Escape
15. Celebration-The Hard Terangi's Trip To Manakoora-Eugene Find Out The Truth-Terangi And The Fish
16. Father Paul Finds Terangi-The Moon Of Manakoora-Marama Finds Terangi-Chief Mehevi's Instructions
17. Dinner In The De Laage Home-Preparations To The Terangi & Marama's Escape
18. Father Paul Protects Terangi
19. Natives' Prayer Between The Hurricane
20. The Last Song With Father Paul
21. Father Paul Plays For The Last Time
22. Manakoora's Destruction-The Survivors-The Leave Of Terangi, Marama And Tita-The Moon Of Manakoora

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