Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Alex North - North Of Hollywood


01. Stud poker (from "A Streetcar named Desire")
02. Four Deuces (from "A Streetcar named Desire")
03. Trick or Treat (from " Wall Street Ballet")
04. French Quarter (from "A Streetcar named Desire")
05. Hot Spell (from "Hot Spell")
06. Ode to a Western (from "American Road")
07. Unchained Jazz (from "Unchained")
08. Monte Carlo (from "The Racers")
09. Floozie (from "The Rose Tattoo")
10. Mardi Gras Bump (from "The Rose Tattoo")
11. Magnolia (from "Member of the wedding")
12. Ticker Tape (from " Wall Street Ballet")
13. Jody's Lament (from "Member of the wedding")
14. Blackjack (from "The Racers")

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