Thursday, 23 July 2009

VA - Deep Note; Music of 1970's Adult Cinema


01. Bedtime Bongos (From Maui Wowie)
02. Science Comes First
03. Lydia'S Trip (From Orgasmatron 75)
04. The Stripper
05. Home Alone (From The Diary Of A Horny Housewife)
06. Love Dance (From Bang A Gong)
07. Help!
08. Grammofonpladen - Dialogue (From Orgasmatron 75)
09. Beards (From Keep On Truckin')
10. Dale'S Theme (From Witchy Woman)
11. Nevada Truck Stop (From Keep On Truckin')
12. The Girl Next Door (From The Diary Of A Horny Housewife)
13. Opening Scene (From Knights In White Satin)
14. The Hippy
15. Thessa'S Theme (From Amsterdam Weekend)
16. Liberated Ladies
17. My Cousin Hanne (From Copenhagen Cupcakes)
18. Frolic With Flipper!!!
19. Patrick'S Theme (From New Rose In Paris)
20. Psychedelic Orgy (From The X-Orcist)
21. Dialogue #2 (From Orgasmatron 75)
22. Boob Tube (From Orgasmatron 75)
23. The Swingers (From The Diary Of A Horny Housewife)
24. Robots Rule (From Plan 69 From Outer Space)
25. Pineapple (From Maui Wowie)
26. Auntie'S Panties
27. Delicious Gams
28. Good To The Last Drop (From Tender Loins)
29. Wanda'S Theme (From Soul Sisters)
30. Smokin' In The Boys Room
31. On The Prowl (From Soul Sisters)
32. What Sign Are You
33. Romantic Overture (From New Rose In Paris)
34. Love Theme (From Life On Uranus)
35. I Think I'M In Love!
36. The Rent Collector
37. A Quickie
38. Dialogue (From Bored Housewifes 2)
39. Afternoon Delight (From The Diary Of A Horny Housewife)
40. Save The Whales (From Make Love Not War)

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