Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Nelson Riddle - The Great Gatsby


01. What'll I Do. Vocal-Bill Atherton. (I. Berlin)
02. The Shiek Of Araby. (Smith-Wheeler-Snyder)
03. Tom And Myrtle. (Nelson Riddle)
04. Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue. (Vocal-Nick Lucas. (Lewis-Young-Henderson)
05. Jordan's Tango. (N. Riddle)
06. Who? (Harbach-Haammerstein11-Kern)
07. I'm Gonna Charleston Back To Charl. Vocal-Nick Lucas. (Turk-Handman)
08. A Long Time Ago. (N. Riddle)
09. Yes, Sir, That's My Baby. (Kahn-Doanldson)
10. We've Met Before. (Berlin-Riddle)
11. Whispering. (Schonberger-Coburn-Rose
12. Charleston. (Mack-Johnson)
13. It Had to Be You. (Kahn-Jones)
14. Daisy. (What'll I Do). (Berlin)
15. When You And I Were Seventeen. Vocal-Nick Lucas. (Kahn-Rosoff)
16. Myrtle's Dead. (Riddle)
17. Alice Blue Gown. (McCarthy-Tierney)
18. Daisy's Tango. (Riddle)
19. My Favourite Beau. (Berlin-Riddle)
20. Kitten On The Keys. (Confrey)
21. Beale Street Blues-Piano Solo, James Stacy. (Handy)
22. The Ring. (Berlin-Riddle)
23. Summer's Almost Over. (Riddle)
24. What'll I Do/Ain't We Got Fun. (Medley). (Berlin-Kahn-Egan-Whiting)

* 1975 Academy Awards Winner (Best Music, Scoring Original Song Score and/or Adaptation)

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