Thursday, 23 July 2009

John Williams - Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (Complete Score)


CD 1
01. Prologue Book II/Harry Through the Window*
02. Dursley's Schedule*/Dobby's First Appearance*
03. There is a Plot*
04. Dobby the House Elf and Chasing Dobby*
05. Dobby the House Elf (album version)
06. Dursley Putting on Bars*/Escape from the Dursleys
07. The Burrow*
08. Owl Post and Floo Powder*
09. Diagonalley!*
10. Borgin's
11. Knockturn Alley and Diagon Alley
12. Gilderoy Lockhart*
13. Gilderoy Lockhart (album version)
14. Encounter with the Malfoys*
15. Platform 9 and Three Quarters*/The Barrier is Closed*/The Flying Car
16. The Car Flees and Entering Hogwarts*
17. Meeting Filch*
18. Snape's Office*/Hogwarts Castle*/Greenhouse*
19. Introducing Colin
20. Howler Delivery*
21. Professor Gilderoy Lockhart/Cornish Pixies
22. Encounter with Malfoy*/Ron vs. Malfoy*/Ron and Slugs*
23. Hermione and Hagrid’s Hut
24. Hearing the Voice*/Mrs. Norris Petrified*
25. The Professors and the Moving Stairs*/Hearing Voices*
26. History of the Founders*
27. Forming the Plan*
28. The Quidditch Match*
29. Dobby Reappears*
30. Moaning Myrtle
31. The Dueling Club (album version)
32. Parseltongue*
33. Finding Justin/Dumbledore's Office
34. Fawkes is Reborn
35. Fawkes the Phoenix (album version)
36. Dumbledore and Harry Talk*/Christmas at Hogwarts*
37. Cakes for Crabbe and Goyle/Polyjuice Potion
38. Interrogating Malfoy*/Cat Hair*
39. The Flying Car (full album version)

CD 2
01. The Chamber of Secrets (album version)
02. Meeting Tom Riddle (full album version)
03. Finding the Diary*/Examining the Diary*/Meeting Tom Riddle/Hogwarts Castle Briefly*
04. Meeting Neville*/Intruder in the Boy's Dormitory*
05. Hermione Petrified*
06. Visiting Hagrid*
07. An Unexpected Visit*
08. Following the Spiders
09. Meeting Aragog/The Spiders Attack/Fleeing the Spiders
10. Visiting Hermione*
11. To the Third Floor Corridor*
12. Questioning Myrtle/Finding the Entrance*
13. Obliviate!*
14. Entering the Chamber*/Finding Ginny and Tom Riddle*/Fighting the Basilisk
15. Harry is Wounded/Tom is Destroyed*
16. Fawkes Saves Harry
17. Something is Troubling You*/Godric Gryffindor*
18. Another Encounter with Malfoy*
19. Reunion of Friends
20. End Credits* (Harry's Wondrous World/Fawkes the Phoenix/Chamber of Secrets)
21. Harry's Wondrous World (album version)

* previously unreleased

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