Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Jerry Goldsmith - Chinatown (Complete Score)


01. Main Title Love Theme Film Version
02. On The Bridge Echopark J.J. Gittes
03. At The Hotel Noah Cross A
04. Mulwray's Office
05. Mulwray Is Found Dead
06. Drown In A River The Boy On The Horse
07. Albacore Restaurant Noah Cross B
08. The Farmer
09. Fight With Claude Mulvihill The Last Of Ida
10. Jack And Evelyn
11. Following Evelyn The Captive
12. Back At Home
13. Going To Ida Sessions The Last Of Ida A
14. Ida's Dead The Last Of Ida B
15. Arrival At Evelyn's Place
16. Bad For The Glass Going Back Wrong Clue B
17. Katherine Wrong Clue A
18. Arrival At Cinatown
19. Jake It's Chinatown
20. Love Theme From Chinatown Album Alternate Main Title
21. Noah Cross Album Alternate
22. Love Theme Reprise Album Alternate End Titles
23. Easy Living Source Music robin Rainger
24. The Way You Look Tonight Source Music fields Kern's Film Version
25. The Way You Look Tonight Source Music Album Version
26. I Can't Get Started Source Music gershwin Duke
27. Some Days Source Music hooker Frim

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