Friday, 10 July 2009

Dimitri Tiomkin - Lost Horizon; The Classic FIlm Scores of Dimitri Tiomkin


01. Prelude; Foreward Card; Riot in Baskui; Mob Scene at Refueling Station; Morning After The Plane Crash (Lost Horizon)
02. Arrival of the Caravan; The Journey Over the Mountains (Lost Horizon)
03. Entrance into Shangri-La (Lost Horizon)
04. Nocturne (Lost Horizon)
05. Riding Sequence; The Waterfall; Chinese Children's Scherzo (Lost Horizon)
06. Bell Sequence; Funeral Cortege of the High Lama; Escape From Shangri-La; Return to Shangri-La (Lost Horizon)
07. Prelude (The Guns Of Navarone)
08. Prelude; Forest At Night (Nocturne); The Wide Missouri (Epilogue) (The Big Sky)
09. Overture (The Fourposter)
10. Love Scene in the Barn (Friendly Persuasion)
11. Choral Finale (Search For Paradise)
12. Suite (The Thing) From Another World (Bonus Track)

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