Friday, 26 June 2009

Trevor Jones - 1st Soncinemad Film Music Festival of Madrid Symphonic Concert

South Africa

CD 1
01. Cliffhanger End Credits (From "Cliffhanger")
02. Merlin Opening Titles (From "Merlin")
03. Ambrosia Dies (From "Merlin")
04. Re-United (From "Merlin")
05. Merlin End Credits (From "Merlin")
06. Roseanna's Theme (From "Roseanna's Grave")
07. Antonio Looks For Cecilia (From "Roseanna's Grave")
08. Marcello On Vespa (From "Roseanna's Grave")
09. Roseanna's Grave End Credits (From "Roseanna's Grave")
10. Ko Is Shot / End Credits (From "Aegis")
11. Last Place On Earth Main Theme (From "Last Place On Earth")
12. Snow Mistress (From "Last Place On Earth")
13. Norwegian Theme (From "Last Place On Earth")
14. Chamber Ensemble At Mabel Beardsley's Soiree (From "Last Place On Earth")
15. Message To The Public (From "Last Place On Earth")
16. Last Place On Earth Closing Title (From "Last Place On Earth")

CD 2
01. The Last of The Mohicans Main Title (From "The Last of The Mohicans")
02. The Kiss (From "The Last of The Mohicans")
03. Fort Battle (From "The Last of The Mohicans")
04. Top of The World (From "The Last of The Mohicans")
05. Chapter Six - The Empty Book / Death of A Knight (From "The Mighty")
06. Confederates & Unionists Regroup / Destiny of A Nation (From "Fields of Freedom")
07. Dark Crystal Overture (From "The Dark Crystal")
08. The Skeksis Duel (From "The Dark Crystal")
09. Love Theme (From "The Dark Crystal")
10. The Gelfling Ruins (From "The Dark Crystal")
11. The Landstrider Journey (From "The Dark Crystal")
12. Dark Crystal Finale (From "The Dark Crystal")
13. Departure (From "Dominic & Eugene")
14. Axel Heiberg (From "Last Place On Earth")

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