Monday, 8 June 2009

Sam Cardon - Trail Of Hope; The Story of the Mormon Trail


01. Trail of Hope Prologue
02. Early Beginnings
03. Nauvoo Flourishes (The Last Rose of Summer)
04. On My Way to Zion
05. Martyrdom
06. Crossing the Mississippi
07. All Is Well
08. We Mean to Conquer
09. Mormons at the Missouri
10. Promise to the Poor
11. Winter Quarters (Humble Heart)
12. Miracle of the Quail
13. Final Push West
14. The Great Plains
15. Chimney Rock
16. Landmarks (Come under My Protection)
17. This Is the Right Place
18. Gather to Zion (All Is Well)
19. Dignity (Concert)
20. Teams on the Plains (Lady Anne and the Montgomery Reel)
21. Truly a Wild-Looking Place
22. British Saints (Height of the Hills)
23. This Journey Was Very Hard
24. Handcarts to Zion
25. Willie and Martin Rescue
26. Quiet Courage
27. Down and Back (Sheep Sheel Corn)
28. Trail of Hope Finale
29. Epilogue

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