Friday, 5 June 2009

Jerry Goldsmith - Twilight Zone - The Movie (Expanded)


01. Main Title: Twilight Zone Theme (Marius Constant)
02. Time Change/Questions/The Ledge
03. The K.K.K./Yellow Star
04. Harp and Love
05. Weekend Visit
06. Kick the Can
07. Night Games
08. Young Again/Take Me With You/A New Guest
09. I Remember/The House
10. The Picture/The Sister/I Didn’t Do It
11. Cartoon Monster
12. That’s All, Ethel
13. Teach Me/No More Tricks
14. Cabin Fever/Nervous Pills
15. No Smoking
16. On the Wing
17. A Face in the Window
18. Hungry Monster/Engine Failure
19. Overture (Twilight Zone Theme and End Title)
20. Nights Are Forever (Sung by Jennifer Warner)
21. Anesthesia (Sung by Joseph Williams)
22. Time Change/Questions/The Ledge (Time Out: album edit)
23. Young Again/Take Me With You/A New Guest (Kick the Can: alternate segments)
24. Cartoon Monster/That’s All Ethel (It’s a Good Life: album edit)
25. Cartoon Music (It’s a Good Life)
26. On the Wing/A Face in the Window/Hungry Monster/Twilight Zone Theme

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