Monday, 29 June 2009

Franz Waxman - Joshua (Symphonic Oratorio)


01. Prelude - Narration 1: The Sun was fading in the West
02. Chorus: Thus stood time - Narrator: But Moses was old
03. Interlude - Narrator: But with your new morning, Joshua
04. Aria: But, with your new morning - Narrator: So Moses faced his people (bar)
05. Aria: Be strong and of good courage - Narration 2: And in the plains of Moab (bar)
06. Chorus: Joshua, son of Nun - Narration 3: And Joshua set aside
07. The Story of Rahab and the Spies: In all the land of promise (ten)
08. The Story of Rahab and the Spies: Aria: Rahab's Plea (alto)
09. The Story of Rahab and the Spies: And for she feared God - Narration 4: And Joshua took that pack (ten)
10. Aria: Sanctify Yourselves! - Narration 4 (ctd.): And truly on that morrow (bar)
11. Aria of Perplexity: The walls are great (bar)
12. Narration 5: Then Joshua lifted up his eyes
13. Aria: Rahab's Prayer: The terror is about us (alto)
14. Sinfonia: The Siege of Jericho
15. Narrator and Chorus: Shout! For the Lord has given you the city
16. Fanfare - Narration 6: And Jericho
17. Chorus and Joshua: Ambassadors of Gibeon (bar)
18. Narration 7 and Chorus: And it came to pass
19. Chorus: The Watch by Gibeon
20. Battle Fanfares - Narration 8: And till the sinking of the sun
21. Aria: Sun, stand thou still - Narration 9: And the sun stood still (bar)
22. Chorus of the Priests: All the cities to the great sea - Narration 10: So, Joshua
23. Aria and Chorus: The Lord has given you all the land - Narration 11: So all these cities (bar)
24. Aria: This day I am going the way of all the Earth - Narrator: So he came (bar)
25. Aria: Oh, your sisters - Narration 12: And in Shechem was a great stone (alto)
26. Aria: The Lord has given you a land - Narration 13: So he let his people depart (bar)
27. Aria: I am old (bar)

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