Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Elmer Bernstein - John Wayne Vol.1


01. Main Title "The Comancheros"
02. Escort "The Comancheros"
03. McBaine and the Prairie "The Comancheros"
04. Jake Surveys the Camp "The Comancheros"
05. Pursuit "The Comancheros"
06. Mexican Dance "The Comancheros"
07. Indian Attack "The Comancheros"
08. Finale "The Comancheros"
09. Main Title "True Grit"
10. Rooster and Runaway "True Grit"
11. Bald Mountain "True Grit"
12. Pony Mine and Papa's Things "True Grit"
13. The Dying Moon "True Grit"
14. Big Trail "True Grit"
15. Sad Departure/The Pace that Kills "True Grit"
16. Warm Wrap-Up "True Grit"

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