Friday, 29 May 2009

VA - Little Shop Of Horrors (20th Anniversary Edition)


01. Prologue (Little Shop of Horrors)
02. Audrey's Theme
03. Skid Row (Downtown)
04. Buying Time At Mushnik's
05. Da-Doo
06. Little Shop of Horrors: Reprise
07. Grow For Me (Movie Version)/WSKID: Skid Row Radio Jingle
08. "Wink Wilkinson's Weird World" Theme/Flashback
09. Somewhere That's Green
10. Some Fun Now
11. Dentist
12. Somewhere That's Green: Reprise
13. Feed Me (Git It) (Movie Version)
14. Feed Me (Git It): Reprise

01. Suddenly, Seymour: Reprise
02. Suppertime
03. Meek Shall Inherit
04. Suppertime: Reprise
05. Suddenly, Seymour: Reprise
06. Mean Green Mother From Outerspace
07. A Hero
08. A Happy Ending/Little Shop of Horrors: Reprise
09. Finale (Don't Feed The Plants)
10. End Title
11. Somewhere That's Green: Reprise (From The Original Movie Ending)
12. Mean Green Mother From Outerspace (From The Original Movie Ending)
13. Finale (Don't Feed The Plants) (From The Original Movie Ending)
14. Skid Row (Downtown) (French Version) (Movie Version)
15. Suddenly, Seymour (French Version) (Movie Version)
16. "Little Shop Of Horrors" TV Spot #1 (Audio)
17. "Little Shop Of Horrors" TV Spot #2 (Audio)
18. "Little Shop Of Horrors" Trailer #1 (Audio)
19. "Little Shop Of Horrors" Trailer #2 (Audio)
20. Bad (Demo Song Written For The Film)

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