Sunday, 31 May 2009

Toru Takemitsu - Ran


CD 1
01. Opening Credits ? Main Title (M-1, M-2 ReTake)
02. Drums Of The Plateau (M-2 Second Half)
03. Kyouami (M-3)
04. The First Castle (M-4)
05. The Brave General's Bow (M-5)
06. The Flute Orchestra (M-6, M-6A)
07. The Second Castle (M-7)
08. The Buddhist Praying Temple (M-8A)
09. The Last 10,000 And Hidetora (M-8B)
10. The Fury Of Ootemon (M-9 edit)
11. The Third Castle (M-20, M-10, M-11 edit)
12. Kyouami Is Banished (M-12 edit)
13. Hell's Picture Scroll (M-13 Twice ReTake for Movie Use w/Sound Effects)
14. The Crimson Citadel (M-14 ReTake edit)
15. Surrendering The Castle ? Desert Of Madness (M-14A ReTake + M-15 ReTake + M15A ReTake + M-16 ReTake edit)
16. Tsurumaru's Flute (M-17 edit)
17. Azusa Castle In Ruins (M-19 ReTake)
18. Saburou's Army Arrives (M-20+M-20 Long edit, M-21 Short edit)
19. Departing For The Front (I) (Taiko Drum + M-21)
20. Departing For The Front (II) (Taiko Drum)
21. Endless Hell (M-15A ReTake edit)
22. Escape (M-23)
23. Tension In Yahatabara (M-21 edit, M-22 Long, M-22 Short, M-21 Short)
24. Illusions In The Sky (M-24)
25. Assault (M-21 Short + M-21 Short Extra TYPE edit)
26. The Battle In Yawatano (I) (M-14 ReTake edit)
27. The Battle In Yawatano (II) (M-14 ReTake + M-24A edit)
28. The Battle In Yawatano (III) (M-24A edit)
29. Lamentation (M-25)
30. Chaos In The First Castle ? Ujigabana (M-14 ReTake + M-26 edit)
31. The First Castle, Conflagration (M-14 ReTake)
32. Attendance At The Funeral (M-27 ReTake)
33. Flute Of Darkness (M-28)
34. Ending Credits (M-29 ReTake)
35. Will Tomorrow Be Clear Or Cloudy?

CD 2
01. "Original Soundtrack 'RAN'" (SIDE 1)
02. "Original Soundtrack 'RAN'" (SIDE 2)
03. The Brave General's Bow (M-5)
04. The Flute Orchestra (M-6)
05. The Second Castle (M-7)
06. The Buddhist Praying Temple (M-8A)
07. The Third Castle (I) (M-10)
08. The Third Castle (II) (M-11)
09. Hell's Picture Scroll (M-13 Twice ReTake for Movie Use)
10. The Crimson Citadel (I) (M-14 ReTake)
11. The Crimson Citadel (II) (M-14A ReTake)
12. Surrendering The Castle (M-15 ReTake)
13. Saburou's Army Arrives (M-20, M-20 Long edit)
14. Assault
15. Tension In Yahatabara (M-22, M-22 Long)
16. Main Title (M-2 KEEP)
17. Hell's Picture Scroll (M-13 KEEP)
18. The Crimson Citadel (I) (M-14 KEEP)
19. The Crimson Citadel (II) (M-14A KEEP)
20. Surrendering The Castle (M-15 KEEP)
21. Roaming (M-15A KEEP)
22. Desert Of Madness (M-16 KEEP)
23. Azusa Castle In Ruins (Unused) (M-18 KEEP)
24. Azusa Castle In Ruins (M-19 KEEP)
25. Attendance At The Funeral (M-27 KEEP)
26. Ending Credits (M-29 KEEP)

* 1985 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards Winner (Best Music)
* 1986 Award of the Japanese Academy (Best Music Score)

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