Friday, 29 May 2009

Michelle Sucillion - Bad Taste

New Zealand

01. Coldfinger summons The Boys
02. Aliens attack Barry
03. Derek and The Astro Bastard
04. Head Rams and The Sledgehammer Chase
05. Bad Taste (Mike Minett and Dave Hamilton)
06. "Derek's Don't Run!"
07. Giles investigates town
08. The Boys prepare for battle
09. Rock Lies (Madlight)
10. Giles in The Cooking Pot
11. Derek's resurection
12. Derek's brain hurts
13. Lord Crumb addresses Aliens
14. Missile time
15. The Boys attack (M. Minett/D. Hamilton/ perf. by M. Scullion)
16. The Boys escape
17. Lord Crumb takes control
18. Lord Crumb sucks Spinning Steel
19. Bad Taste (Mike Minett and Dave Hamilton)

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